Feature Wishlist / Brainstorm

@Aamirah-WeAll and I were talking about the need for a space in Discourse where members can propose ideas for ways they’d like to use the platform, but don’t know where to start. The goal of this topic is to be an open forum where people can ask for advice to answer “How can I use discourse to do ____?” type questions.


Sample idea: How can we use discourse to build a map view where users can discover other users, posts, or events that are in their region?


Sample idea: How can we use discourse to build a map view where users can discover other users, posts, or events that are in their region?

Two potential solutions:

  1. Explore the discourse locations plugins (mentioned in the plugins category)
  2. We could build a convention around tags.

For the tag solution:

  • We would create tags for different regions where our members / events are
  • Users can add the tag to their profile
  • Users can add the tag to their posts
  • New users can explore content related to their region by subscribing to the tag
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I shared this in a discussion, but will add here. I would like to see a hierarchy of Content like this:

Main Categories - Hubs, Policy, Case Studies
Sub Categories - Under Hubs would be all the hubs by name, Policy by each Issue, etc
Then the threads for each Sub Category

As an example, under the California Hub, we could have dozens of threads on different topics. I know forums are capable of this. Here is an example of something like that.

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i.e., Hylo and Zebra’s United mapping function utilizing https://www.mapbox.com/ integration.


Other potential features:

  • “Open Requests & Offers” / “Wants & Needs”

Interesting! Just to clarify when you say

Then the threads for each Sub Category

By threads do you mean posts? I think there is a concept of threads in Discourse, but I think it might be related to chat.

I was also thinking about the direct level of hubs. I was thinking that Hubs might want to be a top level category, which would give each hub the abilty to create its own subcategories… full disclaimer: I’m not currently part of a hub and I don’t have a sense whether hubs would need that level of granularity in the first place

“Threads” - Looks like they are called “posts” on Discourse. The screenshot I put up called them threads.

I do think the California hub would need multiple threads/posts for different topics. I’d also like to see our specific location based projects like the one in Pomona be able to have the own Sub Catgeory so they could have multiple posts. Id rather have them hosted here, so that they could access all the other great content and establish a deeper connection to WEAll.

Awesome, thanks for the clarification. This is similar to the convo @MarinaGattas and I were having. Apparently Discourse only lets you have two levels of categories , so to have your Pomona subgroup we would either have to:

  1. Have the California Hub be a top level category, with Pomona as a subcategory
  2. Continue to use Hubs as a category, California as the subcategory, then use tags on posts such that users would be able to filter any topics with a Pomona tag.

Curious that you can’t see who clicked the heart on your message

Also - curious about Channels - this looks like a slack channel and it looks like it magically disappears after 90 days. Should we experiment with some channels or just stick to topics. Wondering how this feature would be useful or if we should avoid it.

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I wonder if the background (I’m seeing grey and white lines) of the whole platform can be changed? It gives me “work in progress” vibes and doesn’t feel warm or welcoming

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@DavidMGreen I cross-posted a how-to on how you can see who can see who liked your post in TIL:

I started a channel for feedback / debugging plugins, but that’s more of a meta-use. It might be a good place to have a how-to-discourse channel where newcomers could ask for guidance on where to post, social norms, etc

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Hi all, Following on from this brilliant thread we are proposing hosting a couple of live brainstorm sessions over the next week of the test period.
This is a space where you can drop in to talk about what’s working, how we can turn your ideas for using an Online Community Space into practical actions and what could be improved!

  • Tuesday 1st August 2pm-3pm BST
  • Thursday 3rd August 2pm-3pm
  • Thursday 3rd August 6pm-7pm
  • Other time
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Please share your availability and I will be following up with zoom links!

No voters but we had a nice chat face to face anyway…

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Yes, I think we need structures, and that these structure are built into the plateform from the beginning. This is to guide and inspire from the very beginning. I cant help about if we can do it with syntaxes, kategories, tags, events - but I think the platform must take into account that there is different users with different interests. Sometimes you want to interact with people around the world - get inspiration and learn from other, or you are looking for something speciell, or you look for events in your country or in a special country. And to make it even more complicated we talk different languages, like english, spanish and our own.

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