EU influencing: Wellbeing Economy in Europe

There’s increasing momentum around the wellbeing economy in Europe. As part of the EU Wellbeing Economy coalition we’ve just published a discussion paper with ideas for policy changes in ten areas. I’d love to receive feedback on these ideas!
EU Wellbeing Economy coalition discussion paper

(I see how to put a link but not how to upload a doc, is there a way to do that? Maybe I’m being daft)

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How I try to influence the EU
I get mail from WeMove Europe and I often sign their petititions - that is how I engage in EU.

I have saved the discussion paper but it is to long to read for me just now.

I think it is good if we with WEAll and WEAll Together can inspire people - from all around the world - to talk to each other around different issues . This docuement can be one issue or belong to one issue, but we have to organice issues into structures in some way in the platform in order to find and to list issues. A sceleton of this is needed before the new platform is launched.

I think one important purpose with the platform is that we inspire people to get together in groups, also in small groups where you can start to get to know each other, to talk about different issues in order to learn from each other. We invite all, but they have to follow the code of conduct. And by introducing this “learning together” - we can learn from each other both by history, experience and sharing. The purpose is to create a learning society where we all can come together, in the platform but also in real life. This might seem as we miss the issue about how we can influence the world leaders - but by coming together and invite to talk and share experiences we can build a strong grass root movement.
That is a quite different approuch than to ask others to just comment on something, a link, a document, a pod, an artical as in Facebook and other social medias.

When talking about EU I can tell you about my reaction when EU introduced the European citizens initiative. I think it was a clear sign that democrocy had already been limited, beacause who on earth can gather 1 million citizens and how much resources would that need?
No body reacted, but I was - because in Sweden the democrocy had already been paused 2012. And it was paused because of the change in our communities to New Public Management.
(The first initiativ was about the need of ban of starting to own and sell water - for profit. I have added a link to this.)

From Wikipedia. European citizens’ initiative is a way for Union citizens of the European Union to influence the European Commission since 1 April 2012. The initiative enables at least one million citizens to come together to request the Commission to present a proposal in one of the EU’s areas of competence.