June WEAll Talk - tomorrow Thursday 20th June

**[How To Talk About A Wellbeing Economy]

Join us for a deep dive on how to talk about the Wellbeing Economy.

In today’s world, where our extractive economic system is pushing our planet and our wellbeing to the brink, knowing how to advocate for a wellbeing economy is critical in shifting us towards an economic system that is in service of life.

This event will equip you with the narratives and frameworks necessary to articulate why we need an economy designed to serve people and planet.

Register here (Meeting Registration - Zoom)- Tomorrow (Thursday) 20th June!**)

Hi Aamirah, I really enjoyed the meeting yesterday - Thank you to you and Kate! :slight_smile:
Is there a presentation that we can see/refer to?

Hi Aamirah! Indeed the presentation was really good and super relevant. I’d also be interested in having access to a couple of slides if possible. :slight_smile: