Using Tags (Brainstorm)

Right now it seems only moderators have the ability to create tags, so I thought it would be helpful to have a place where members of the community can submit ideas for tags or types of tags. Here are a couple that have already come up in some conversations:
Regions (ex: eco-regions, countries/states with high levels of activity, hubs)
Member organizations
Common topics (Wellness Economy, Collective Bargaining, Trusts, Wellness Governments)


Beyond an admin fielding requests and adding tags. It looks like we can pre-emptively add some WEALL-related terms using "Auto-tagging topics based on watched words" to start creating a catalog of tags as content starts to be populated

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Although this might live somewhere other than tags, specific hubs could be world-adding watch words i.e., California Hub, East Africa hub etcetera

It looks like we can pre-emptively add some WEALL-related terms

We should talk about some guidelines about what words should be elevated to that status automatically.

specific hubs could be world-adding watch words

There is a convo about this going on in the brainstorm post, I’ll wait for that to settle itself out before building out anything new.

I added nested tags for a couple of categories:
WEAll-Level (Knowledge, Narrative, Power-Base, Systems-change) < I think this might be helpful for organizing different types of content and help people find things they interact with regularly

WEAll-Branch (WEGO, Movement-building, ambassador, partner) < helpful for tagging content related to different branches of the org

Wellness-terminology (wellbeing-economy, beyond-gdp, etc) < Terms that moderators may want to have more control over, as listed here

I also listed all member organizations, which I put under a tag group WEAll-partner


Is there a way that location/hub could be tagged to our names?

@clive.wychwood great idea. Looks like the discourse community opted to separate topic tags from the concept of a user tags. User tags don’t appear to be on the roadmap.

It does look like we may be able to use user groups for this. @Aamirah-WeAll thoughts?

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