WEAll Hubs Guide Launch Event

Dear WEAll Members,

It’s with great excitement we’d like to invite you to the Launch event of our new Hubs Guide.**

I’m Ana Gómez, Network Co-Lead (Hubs Lead) for WEAll. I have the pleasure to have met many of you but I’m aware that there are many I have never met before, so it’s really exciting to have this opportunity to come together around the co-creation of this Hubs Guide.

This Hubs Guide: https://weall.org/hubs-guide has been co-created with the core team members of the existing Hubs, with two other colleagues, Lisa and Frances, a brasilian designer agency and different external reviewers. I feel really grateful for the work we have put together, and it’s a reflection of the learnings accumulated over the last 6 years.

And the most interesting thing is that it’s a piece of collaborative work that will continue evolving as we keep learning!

So, please register for this launch event in the link below. We’ll be delighted and grateful to have you there participating in this sharing and celebration!

Date: May 21st

Time: 1pm UTC (Universal Central Time)

Registration Form: Meeting Registration - Zoom

This launch event is for you…

  1. If you think context/local is fundamental when we’re talking about economic system change
  2. If you believe that working collaboratively and in an inclusive way taking context into account is key to continuing building momentum
  3. If you have already thought 'I’d like to create a hub in my country/region/state
  4. Or maybe you just want to connect and learn from the experiences of the existing hubs.

Thank you so much for your interest, as always, and we’re so much looking forward to meeting you.

Best wishes,