Agriculture, Land Trusts & the Future of Wellbeing Economies

Curious to engage with people who are currently using land trusts to create more equitable economies.

Interesting! I lost about 15 mins finding out about the history of land trusts on the Wikipedia page :smiley:

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There are some really fascinating projects in this space that are combining land trusts with permaculture ecovillage projects and DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations). Here’s an introduction video to one of them (Salt Cross Garden Village, led by Charlie Fisher of a UK Collaborative Housing Group)


Thanks for posting this topic, David - it’s something I’m very interested in and have been diving deep since I first spent time on a family farm that was placed into a land trust.

One thing I’ve learned is that there is a crucial distinction between land trust projects:

  • Ownership: The majority of land trusts still retain the title dee, in one format or another
  • Stewardship: A tiny percentage of land trusts commit in perpetuity the land to regeneration, and the title deed can essentially be disposed of because the property can never again be sold and/or developed.

I am only interested in the latter, and we’re working on a tokenization project to unlock value flows for these type of land trusts. I can either post updates here or we can establish a sub-topic specifically for Land Stewardship Tokens. Anyone interested in that?